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Wyoming High Country Lodge Seller

"Galen was terrific and went several extra miles to help us locate a buyer and close the deal. Whenever we had questions, ideas, or just needed an update Galen was right there."

— Scott G.

Askin Land & Livestock LLC

"Chase Brothers represented us on a property transaction at a professional level far exceeding our expectations."

— S. Askin

Hoyt Ranch Sellers

"Galen, we would like to thank you and your staff at Chase Brothers for the very professional service we received conducting the sale of our ranch!"

— Dave & Barb H.

The Divide Ranch Seller

"I chose Chase Brothers because KirkGalen and John were all raised on ranches. Their families built legacies through blood, sweat and tears and they still run their own places."

— Jonalee & Todd W.

Streeter Ranch Seller

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Byron Geis of Chase Brothers for the assistance in selling the land we owned in the Kaycee area."

— Lindsay G.

Clear Creek Ranch Seller

"I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up to the Chase brothers for the job they did for me in selling my land. I found them both to be good, honest brokers."

— Barbara A.

Creekside Ranch Seller

"I was happy with their marketing strategy and level of professionalism in all aspects. Could not recommend them more highly!"

— Karen R.

Parker Ranch Seller

"It’s difficult to believe there could be a better Broker than Chase Brothers, LLC. I would describe them as Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Helpful and so much more..."

— Frank P.

Sullivant Hill Land Seller

"Sales were accomplished to our total satisfaction. This kind of professionalism makes us wish we had more property to sell!

— Clarene L.

C Bar B Ranch Seller

"I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the hard work you all did in making the sale of the C Bar B Ranch a success..."

— Tom G.

Edjumar Ranch Seller

"If you are buying or selling real estate I would encourage you to consider a partnership with Chase Brothers..."

— Bernard S.

Roadifer Ranch Seller

"With so many variables, it’s important to have a broker you can trust. The Chase Brothers' follow-up and integrity is Class A..."

— The Roadifer Family

Krezelok Ranch Seller

"Their business approach and sense of the market brought great success to our transaction. Their overall handling of our sale was above and beyond our expectations..."

— John & Connie K.

VP Real Estate Manager · Bank of the West

"I wanted to express my appreciation on behalf of Bank of the West as Trustee for the very fine job you both did to accomplish the sale of the Mary Young Ranch land.”

— Cheryl K.

SR Cattle Co. Land Sellers

"They are both kind, honest and genuine people, that we enjoyed working with when we sold some property..."

— David & Terri K.

Chase Brothers Land & Ranch uses all the traditional methods of advertising as well as the latest in digital and electronic advertising methods to market our exclusive broker listings. Our intimate knowledge of a property is essential to successfully marketing it and our hands on approach and frequent visits to every listing we take ensures that we will know your property the way a buyer will expect us to. With Chase Brothers your property will get the kind of attention it deserves by exposing it to as a wide an audience as possible while representing it with the utmost accuracy and enthusiasm.

Our universal marketing plan includes soliciting other brokers who might have potential buyers. Our friendly connections with other brokers makes good business sense and better results for you the Seller. While many of our listing and promotional tools are proprietary, we use only the highest quality equipment, like high resolution cameras and state of the art drones.

We are also fully licensed to legally fly drones and able to capture video on a timely basis and not always be at the mercy of an independent 3rd party video service. We employ the full use of off-road vehicles capable of year-round navigation for both due diligence needs and showings. And of course our favorite way to view a property and get to know it is by horseback. This is especially important when motorized vehicles can’t get us where we need to go, and a horse can.

If you are considering the sale of your property in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota or Nebraska, please submit the form below to receive a copy of our detailed marketing and advertising plan, or give us a call at 844-WYO-LAND. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you more and give you an honest and realistic marketing assessment of your property as well as guide you though all that we will do and what you can expect from us.

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Area around New Haven, Wyoming, showing Devil's Tower National Monument in the distance

New Haven, Wyoming History

The town of New Haven ran the cycle of many small ranch towns in the West. It was originally established in 1910 to support a few local ranches with mail and general goods. As it grew with the influx of homesteaders, miners, and loggers, New Haven became a gathering place for social events, dances, Christmas parties and school activities.

bb brooks ranch casper wy view

Natrona County Development Land for Sale

The BB Brooks Ranch, situated in Natrona County near the city of Casper was once owned by Bryant B. Brooks, the seventh governor of Wyoming. Brooks’ tenure as governor and his involvement in the development of Wyoming’s agricultural and political landscape impart a historical significance to this ranch, now offered as land for development and private estates.

Photo of rolling green grazing land with a double rainbow in the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming

How to Buy Land

Embarking on the path to land ownership in Wyoming and Montana is a journey filled with promise, set amidst some of the most breathtaking landscapes America has to offer. This venture, while exciting, requires navigating through important considerations to ensure your aspirations align with the practicalities of owning land.

Big Horn County Rancholme Ranch near Decker Montana for sale by Chase Brothers Land and Ranch Brokerage

Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Staying engaged in agricultural industry issues and fighting to keep our livelihoods and businesses healthy and prosperous is why I am a member of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

3rd alfalfa cutting on Brinkerhoff Ranch in Sheridan County, Wyoming

Alfalfa in Wyoming

Alfalfa, a key component in Wyoming’s agricultural tapestry, is renowned for its robust forage production capacity, thriving in the state’s distinctive climatic and soil conditions.

bozeman trail featured image

The Bozeman Trail

The Bozeman Trail emerged during the time of broad mid-nineteeth century westward expansion. In essence, the Bozeman Trail was emblematic of the broader American push westward during the 19th century.

hsh photo

Horses Spirits Healing

The newly offered for sale Intermountain Equestrian Center just north of Billings MT, is the home of Horses Spirits Healing (HSH), a 501 C 3 Non Profit. HSH is where the “hurting come to heal”; through Equine Assisted Services.

bb brooks ranch casper wy view 2

Investing in Wyoming Land

Investing in land has long been recognized as a pathway to financial security and wealth creation. Land investments provide tangible assets that can appreciate over time, diversify portfolios, and offer stability amidst market volatility. When considering land investments, Wyoming emerges as a particularly attractive destination.

sheridan wyoming lifestyle

The Sheridan Lifestyle

Born from an equestrian way of life, in a community that sprang up along the Bozeman Trail, the Sheridan Lifestyle is like no other.

Move to Sheridan Wyoming

Big Move to Sheridan Wyoming

Take it from two people who made the move to Sheridan Wyoming and who truly believe they now reside in one of the most magnificent places in our great country. Everything about the Bighorn Mountain Foothills of Wyoming says “welcome home.”

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