The Divide Ranch Sellers

Divide Ranch agent standing at breaks

Kirk with The Divide Ranch Breaks in bkgrd

We used Chase Brothers for our recent selling of one property and purchase of another property in a 1031 like-kind exchange. The motivation behind selling was to upgrade in property, get closer to our main residence and have some flexibility in our carrying capacity, etc. I chose Chase Brothers because Kirk, Galen and John were all raised on ranches. Their families built their own legacies through literal blood, sweat and tears and they all still run their own places. Kirk was fantastic at finding potential replacement properties. He and I spent a lot of time in vehicles looking at properties throughout Wyoming and Montana, we talked over each property extensively as far what the current state of the property was – what improvements needed to be completed, what the potential for the land was and what the draw backs of the property were. The texting conversations between us and face to face conversations were extensive and always helpful. He could see our wants/train of thought and then help choose/narrow down the properties from there.

Galen and John helped price our original property, market that property and Galen was KEY in allowing the transaction to take place. Due to numerous and varying circumstances the sale took about 8 months to complete – Galen negotiated the changes when there were setbacks and honestly, he kept the deal together. He talked both sides down from ledges several times and did it with poise – he was gentle yet firm. Galen and Kirk worked together to allow us to buy the replacement property and again, it was Galen that held the replacement property in place while we were working with the buyers of the original property – not an easy task, yet Kirk and Galen always kept their cool and if they ever got irritated, we never saw it – I will say they all deserve a good scotch or whiskey after herding this crew for the past 8 months. This transaction could literally be the poster child for why you want and need good real estate agents. Had it been the owners/buyers of these properties trying to handle this transaction themselves, it NEVER would have happened.

Lastly, the support staff and Galen worked very well with our 1031 exchange agent, accountant and lawyer – when you get this many people involved in a transaction reviewing documents and giving opinions, all while abiding by the laws of both states, it can be difficult to navigate all the personalities – Galen, John, Kirk and their support staff did an excellent job. I’m hoping that we don’t have to use them again, that we’ve found our always and forever property, but should something change and we end up buying or selling again, they will be my first phone call/text.

— Jonalee & Todd W.