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montana ranches for saleMontana’s vast plains and rugged mountains weren’t always dotted with sprawling ranches. The story begins much earlier, with the indigenous tribes who stewarded this land for millennia. The Blackfeet, Crow, and other nations, while not always living in harmony with each other, lived in profound tranquility with the buffalo. They followed the great creatures’ seasonal migrations, using every part of the animal for sustenance, clothing, and shelter. Their intricate understanding of the ecosystem laid the groundwork for sustainable land management practices that future ranchers would adopt.

Then came the 19th century, marked by seismic changes. The gold rush attracted prospectors and cattlemen, who transformed the landscape with their bootsteps. Cattlemen saw in the vast open prairies an opportunity to raise cattle, and soon emerged the iconic Montana cowboys, driving enormous herds across the plains with skill and determination. But ranching in Montana wasn’t just about cowboys and cattle drives. It was about families carving out a life from the land, facing the harsh realities of weather, isolation, and economic hardship. It was about communities banding together, sharing resources, and building a unique culture rooted in resilience, self-reliance, and respect for the natural world.

Today, Montana ranching continues to evolve. Family-owned operations coexist with larger ranches, and sustainable practices are increasingly gaining ground. The spirit of the past, however, remains strong. Ranchers are still the backbone of many Montana communities, their values woven into the fabric of the state’s identity.

Whether you are looking to invest in a Montana working ranch, recreational ranch, or hunting and fishing land, Chase Brothers LLC is confident our expertise will help you create the lifestyle of your dreams. If you are not able to find your ideal property within our exclusive listings, submit the Property Interests form on our Buyer Services page and we shall respond with a plan to locate your ideal property.

Decker Montana Cattle and Hunting Ranch

Decker, MT

Excellent Grass, Water and Management


Deeded Acres: 13,800±

Total Acres: 23,665±

A solid and reliable investment opportunity in one of the most sought after real estate markets in the West. Few ranches of this size and scope can claim such a long and limited ownership history as the Holmes Ranch. Most have been broken up and no longer provide the carrying capacity and scale needed to operate a financially viable livestock or manageable wildlife operation.


Intermountain Equestrian Center (IEC)

Billings, MT

Commercial Equestrian Center


Deeded Acres: 30.0±

The Intermountain Equestrian Center (IEC) is a well-established and recognized commercial equestrian facility located just north of Billings, Montana. It has been serving the needs of horse owners for over 25 years under current ownership. Users include professional performance horse trainers, recreational users, horse lovers, and borders of all types.


Antelope Creek Ranch

Sumatra, MT

Eastern Montana Grazing Ranch


Deeded Acres: 29,480±

Total Acres: 41,993±

The sprawling viewshed at ACR has not changed much since the last American Bison were taken from this land many years ago. With the exception of a few abandoned homesteads and developed water, it remains mostly undisturbed and unchanged. The wild, independent and natural character of this land is what defines the American west, and it’s good to know land like this is still available.


Hoyt Ranch Painted Robe Creek

Lavina, MT


Deeded Acres: 1,120±

If you’re looking for a small, end of the road property that has a good mix of recreational amenities and agricultural benefits, in an area where prices are less influenced by mountain views and trout, and more about productivity and value, we invite you to look at the Painted Robe Creek Unit of the Hoyt Ranch.


Hoyt Ranch Home Parcel

Lavina, MT


Deeded Acres: 922±

The Hoyt Ranch Home Parcel is a very private and end of the county road ranch. This scenic and well balanced small cattle and farming operation is located about 4 miles southeast of Lavina, MT in a region known for good grass, small grain farming and oil seed production, as well as upland bird and big game hunting.


Parker Ranch

Decker, MT


Deeded Acres: 2,880±

Total Acres: 2,972±

Big Sky Country at its best and an opportunity to own a scenic ranch in the highly coveted area of SE Montana, known for producing reputation cattle herds, huge mule deer & record setting bull elk.


Rancholme Ranch

Decker, MT


Deeded Acres: 11,182±

Total Acres: 21,817±

Large working Montana cattle ranch in Big Horn County, MT near Decker about 30 minutes from the conveniences and services of downtown Sheridan, WY.


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