At Intermountain Equestrian Center

The newly offered for sale Intermountain Equestrian Center just north of Billings MT, is the home of Horses Spirits Healing (HSH), a 501 C 3 Non Profit. HSH is where the “hurting come to heal”; through Equine Assisted Services. The focus of the non profit is on Veterans, Veterans families, First Responders and Community Members with disabilities seen and unseen. IEC has care, custody, and control of the horses used in the sessions. These horses expenses are off set by HSH paying IEC a usage fee per session delivered. It is a partnership made with benefits to both. HSH, has no expenses other than salaries for their staff, insurance and a few miscellaneous bills. IEC in partnership with HSH is one of 2 PATH Premier Accredited Centers in the state and there are only around 200 Nation Wide. It is a rigorous process to get accredited meeting over 100 Standards, these standards are available for anyone to review. The non profit has received recognition for its work in several magazine and awards.

With two indoor arenas and one large outdoor arena and 1200 areas of trail to ride on there is plenty of “space” for both entities to operate 7 days a week. HSH has its own tack “shed” and all their own tack. Some of the clients of HSH donate feed for their favorite horses as well as supplements. It is a good partnership that works well, giving back to the community while enhancing IEC’s bottom line.