Edjumar Ranch Seller

If you are buying or selling real estate I would encourage you to consider a partnership with Chase Brothers. John and Galen were raised on a remote ranch in the hills above the Powder River where they learned Western values from their parents that guide them in the conduct of their company. If honesty, integrity, straight talk, recognition of the value of hard work and a belief in a higher power are things you value – Jack and Gini Chase’s boys are an obvious choice.

Our ranch had been on the market with another firm for three years with little activity. When the listing was up we decided to shop for a new company. We listed the ranch with Chase Brothers on July 26, 2019. On August 19, 2019 we executed a contract for sale. Numerous issues came up along the way that were dealt with successfully with the help of the Chase Brothers. The successful conclusion we reached would not have happened without their steady hand on the wheel.