The Chase Family Saga

Community involvement and cattle ranching hold a special place in the hearts of the founders of Chase Brothers LLC. Galen Chase is often seen at Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) events where he serves on the Auction Committe and represents Chase Brothers LLC at their WSGA trade show booth. The Chase family has been a valued WSGA Producer Member for many years.

Family Cattle Ranching History

Galen’s father, Jack Chase, and grandfather started Buffalo Creek Ranch back in 1957. Jack took over management in 1961. He and his wife Gini were married in 1963 and she then became an active part of the ranch. The ranch started out as a commercial cow-calf operation with Herefords and later started to crossbreed with black angus bulls. Later, Gini wanted to try raising Red Angus, so they started a small herd of registered purebred Red Angus in 1972, which grew, and the commercial herd gradually faded out as the ranch became solely focused on developing and selling some of the best seedstock Red Angus genetics in the world. Not only were they selling live seedstock, but they also sold embryos and semen world-wide. Jack was president of the Red Angus Association and Gini served as Vice President. Jack also served as president of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF). In 2005, they won the Pioneer Breeder Award from BIF. They were founding members of the Wyoming Beef Cattle Improvement Association (WBCIA) and Jack was the president. They were both extremely active in trying to improve the beef industry through their ranch and their involvement in the industry.

In the late 90s, Galen and his brother John both left the ranch to manage other large ranches. Galen managed the Switchback Ranch in Roscoe, MT, and John managed Paintrock Canyon Enterprises in Hyattville, WY. Both returned to the ranch in 2001 where we were involved again with management. When asked what some of the most rewarding as pects were growing up on a ranch in Wyoming, Galen said, “Enjoying a good rain, the first song from a Meadowlark, sunrises, and sunset, watching new life in the Spring, neighbors helping neighbors; these are just some of the pure joys from growing up on a ranch. We got to experience a close relationship with the land that most people will only dream about. We got to experience the good and the bad and learned real life lessons early.”


John and Galen Chase, Chase Brothers LLC and the Chase family saga

John and Galen Chase, Chase Brothers LLC

Established in 2010, Galen and his brother John, own and operate Chase Brothers, LLC. Their passion for ranching, livestock, and the people and land that support it all has contributed to years of experience selling ranches. Today, their business includes six other licensed sales agents and they have expanded their territory from Wyoming and Montana into South Dakota and soon Nebraska.

Chase Brothers LLC specializes in all types of land and ranch properties. In discussing how their experience growing up on a ranch helps with their business, Galen said, “When we list a ranch for sale, we try to bring out the very best in that ranch with our marketing since our experience can help us understand by seeing and listening to what’s important. We take great pride in our beautiful photog raphy to capture what’s important to buyers. We attempt to operate ethically in all aspects of our business and do the right thing even when no one is looking, because it’s the right thing to do; another practice learned from our parents.” Outside of the business, Galen and his wife Jill stay involved in the cattle business by running a small cow calf and yearling operation. “Just having a small herd keeps us connected with a lifestyle and business that we love and have so much appreciation for. But, like a lot of producers over the course of the last year, we have drastically scaled back our herd because of the drought. Let’s pray for the rains to return and that our lands will once again be productive.”

WSGA Involvement

As a ranch, the Chase family was a longtime member of Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Galen and John started attending WSGA events and meetings in the 90s. John served on several committees, including the Natural Resource Committee, and Galen is currently serving on the Auction Committee. They are actively involved with WSGA as Asso ciate and Producer members at the convention trade shows and meetings. They are also active with Wyo ming Farm Bureau, Ranching for Profit seminars, and supporting the local youth 4-H and FFA sales. They are both involved in their community and volunteer on many boards and organizations.

“Being involved in the community is important pro vided it’s not just self-serving and that it’s for the right reason. The most rewarding kind of service usually in volves some degree of sacrifice,” said Galen. “If we are going to maintain our God given liberties and freedoms in this country that so many before us have tirelessly worked, fought, bled, and literally given lives for then we have no choice, we must. “Like with our ranch and Buffalo Creek Red Angus, our real estate business serves as a place and means for us to help and serve others. Whether it’s in our church; youth activities like 4-H and FFA; or just volunteering; we cannot help but to share all that which
God has so graciously blessed us.”

Reprinted from CowCountry Magazine – Summer 2022