AKA, The Bell Place

Locals have always referred to this as the Bell Place and at one time many years ago it was a part of the Chase Family ranch (Buffalo Creek Land Company). It’s also the place where our parents met, so, as you can imagine, it was a real honor for us when we were asked to market and sell it this past summer.

Due to our multifaceted marketing plan, we quickly found a qualified and interested buyer who saw the ranch as a place to keep the “family” part of their ranching business growing and thriving for the next generation. This ranch has always been a family operation and it’s very rewarding to know that it will continue to be.

The seller loved this ranch and the new owners, #ranchingforprofit school graduates, will too. They will practice regenerative agriculture through well managed grazing. Nothing better than connecting these people with one another to continue the stewardship into the future.

Learn more here: https://chasebrothersllc.com/wyo../lower-clear-creek-ranch/