Diversifying the Ranch Operation

At Chase Brothers Land & Ranch, we have decades of real ranch management experience. Here we have Byron Geis talking about how he’s using sheep to increase carrying capacity with multi-species grazing while they diversify their ranching operations.

In our ranching operation we love diversity in all things, soil microbes, plant species, livestock species, even our daily routine. I know that with some of these examples we are just scratching the surface, but we’re starting! We’ve recently taken the leap to run sheep with our cattle enterprise. We are looking to increase carrying capacity and better utilization of our land.

Notice the herd effect from the trampling of the smaller ungulates. This will substantially help the soil by breaking the brittle crust on the top soil so moisture will be more easily absorbed in addition to churning in organic material that will help add to the soil structure that would have otherwise just oxidized on the surface.

The sheep market in 2021 was a good one and looks to be strong in the future. As we work in this life we are challenged everyday by things out of our control. I love to embrace the challenge and maybe take the road less travelled. I enjoy learning and having conversations that push my paradigms and make me step back and evaluate, to think. I’m blessed to share this journey with my wife and kids and look forward to the challenges to come.

Byron Geis
(307) 620-2871

Byron’s teammates at Chase Brothers Land & Ranch are also looking forward to what Byron and his family are able to do with their ranching operation. That quest for knowledge and constant desire to learn, along with his passion for ranching and his commitment to success as business owner, is what makes him such a great asset to our team at Chase Brothers. It’s expertise like his that really matters.

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