Rancholme Ranch Buyer

I spent 4 ½ years looking at Ranches in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. When I started my Ranch knowledge was limited. By the time I found that Ranch that I acquired in 2020, I realized that, through 4 ½ years of looking at many ranches, I had learned quite a bit about the basic makeup/components of “The Ranch” for me. Just from reviewing the listing and Google photos and without putting boots on ground, I knew that the Chase Brothers listing for the Big Horn County Ranch was THE ONE.

Galen and John Chase had the listing with the Seller. Galen Chase/Chase Brothers also represented me in the transaction. Thing just went well from Start to Finish. The things that stand out in my mind about each and every aspect of working with Galen Chase include:

  • Always able to make contact and discuss issues, usually by Galen just picking up the call when I called, or occasionally by a prompt return call.
  • Never once did I feel any pressure from the Chase Brothers, NONE!
  • On each and every issue that arose, Chase Brothers received and discussed issues calm and easy. Early on I wasn’t sure how Chase Brothers would sort out issues. About 4 months into the 10-month transaction, I reached the point where after the phone call had been completed, I was confident that Chase Brothers would get that issue resolved promptly and equitably. The simpler issues were sorted out in a few days. The more complex issues took time to sort out, but all were sorted out.

As I reflect back on my 4 ½ year ranch search and the 10-month acquisition, I realized that I also learned a bit about Ranch Brokers. We all know that each and every Ranch Broker wants to make sales. But Chase Brothers always put my interest ahead of the sale. In my view, Galen and John Chase live by the Code of the West. They are too modest to tell you that. It gives me pleasure to the give the Chase Brothers a 5-Star Recommendation.