The Bighorn Mountain Foothills

The Bighorn Mountain Foothills may just be the best-kept secret in the American West. Rich in wildlife and scenery, the abundance has lured people from the time the Plains Indians lived here.

Regenerative Agriculture

Today there are many different terms and variations of managing lands whether you follow regenerative agricultural processes, planned grazing, Savory based holistic management, high intensity, short duration schemes…

Your Ranch as Income Property

Think of your ranch like you would an investment property that is leased to tenant(s). Depending on the property and the availability of space, it will have one or more tenants. In some cases, the owner of the property is also a tenant…

Polo in the Bighorn Mountain Foothills

Polo is here again for the 2018 seasons at the Big Horn Polo Club and the Flying H Polo Club. Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast or not, you will love the sport and the venues.