Fence Creek Ranch for sale near Sheridan, Wyoming is an investment opportunity capable of returning 5% to investment, based on list price. This is not the standard, run-of the-mill ranch. It is a REAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY. Pay attention to the ROI.

If you’re a serious investment-grade ranch buyer, look at this tremendous ranch for sale in Wyoming and Montana. Whether you want to “land bank” your money, or get more serious about growing your investment, this ranch can and will do it. A new owner should be able to produce a 5% yield running their own livestock and managing similarly to current management, which has cow costs under $200/cow/year. Current owner has established a turn key business system and will guarantee a minimum 3% ROI* to a new owner who wants current management.

Aside from the fact that you’ll never get tired of the scenery and adventure on this ranch, it is the real deal with outstanding grazing, world-class mule deer and elk hunting, and other enterprise contracts that generate cash flow largely unheard of on ranches in this region.

The grazing enterprise on this ranch is a really low-overhead opportunity where it’s extremely rare to ever feed any hay, yet still has an owner-rated carrying capacity from 600-650 AUs (animal units) on a year-round basis. Due to excellent stock water systems and good fences, the grazing can easily be managed by one person while allowing for flexibility and improving range condition. Of course being in an 18-20″ precipitation zone doesn’t hurt either. This is great grass country with a mosaic of sagebrush, juniper and Ponderosa Pine. Perhaps the increasing range condition and excellent cover is why the elk numbers continue to increase.

Speaking of elk (and mule deer), this is truly world-class trophy hunting on the Fence Creek Ranch. Owner has managed the genetics and populations with selective hunting. Records have been kept on every animal harvested, a critical element to management.

Since the ranch sits in Wyoming and Montana, you get two hunting seasons; a bonus for the avid sportsman.

Improvements include an owner’s residence, a manager’s residence, a new barn and a new set of corrals.

Extensive work has been done to make improvements that contribute to the bottom line. The fences on the ranch are in good condition and miles of new, permanent high-tensile, 3-wire electric fence have been added to increase grazing flexibility and pasture rotation. In addition to the pastures, the ranch is well-watered for livestock and wildlife with numerous reservoirs and extensive stock water pipelines with lots of storage capacity and very good distribution to stock tanks. This infrastructure on a low-overhead ranch makes grazing situations very attractive and highly valuable for a new owner.

John Chase with Brown Trout

John Chase

Associate Broker · Chase Brothers, LLC Owner