We recently purchased two separate larger pieces of land that adjoined each other with intentions to build on one or both of the parcels in the near future and continuing the Agricultural uses of the land which caused the process to be very complicated. We would like to thank Galen Chase and John Chase from Chase Brothers Land & Ranch Brokerage with helping us find the perfect property. You did an amazing job for us.

We worked closely with Galen Chase and he proved to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, and highly diligent through-out the entire process. There were significant issues regarding easements, water rights, property access, utilities, and agricultural operations that needed to be fully identified and addressed during the purchasing period and Galen did an outstanding job helping guide us through the entire process. Galen is very level-headed and his level of honesty and integrity is absolutely outstanding. Galen always made sure everything was done in a concise and accurate manner, and he went way beyond our expectations to assure that all the discovery and closing activities were completed in an expedited and timely schedule so the closing dates were met successfully

Galen never pressured us or tried to get us to just pick some property quickly but he took all the time needed to help us research all of the properties in the entire area to be sure we found just the right place for our us.

We highly recommend Galen and John Chase to anyone who is considering selling or buying in Wyoming or Montana.