Chase Brothers Properties offer ranches and ranch land throughout Wyoming and Montana, but our home is the region natives like to call Absaraka. Settled after the Indian Wars by equestrians of British descent, this region spans the Bighorn Mountains Foothills, across the vast and diverse Powder and Tongue River basins, to their rivers’ confluence with the Yellowstone.

Mirco History Lesson

This incredible landmass is historically one of the most coveted in the Western United States. Countless confrontations were waged among Plains Indian tribes competing for its bountiful riches. In the mid 19th century, the U.S. Government opened the region to European settlement along the Bozeman Trail which resulted in brutal conflicts between Native Americans and U.S. Cavalry. Cattle barons and European remittance men built empires here with cattle and horses on the abundant grass and plentiful water. Pioneers like O.H. Wallop discovered how horses thrived when raised on its nutrient rich grasses and with others like him, purchased vast tracts of land that quickly evolved into a world renowned horse raising region.

The 21st Century

Today in a more civilized environment, but still with the lure of the wild west, the region is being discovered again for the richness of culture, relaxed lifestyle and beautiful landscapes. The cherished lifestyle here is embraced by stunning vistas, pure water originating high atop the Bighorn Mountains and fauna including nearly every big game species in the lower 48. The residents are hard working and self-reliant while being charitable, caring people devoted to public service. We are proud of our award winning schools, world-class cultural amenities, renowned cattle and horses, world-class polo, rodeo, exceptional outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing.

This is our home. Judged by any standard, an amazing place to own ranch land. We invite you to learn more and welcome the opportunity to show you why this is the last best place.

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