Pass Creek Ranch, “A Place to Gather”

Wyoming Ranches for SaleBest known as a festive gathering place for cowboys, dudes, families, neighbors and friends, Pass Creek Ranch is a magnificent mountain-front hunting and fishing ranch that has served as both a dude ranch and a working cattle ranch for generations. This unique offering personifies the heart and soul of the northern foothills of the Bighorn Mountain range. Large, private ranch holdings like this along the Bighorn Mountain front are extremely difficult to find, as they rarely come on the market. Ranches like Pass Creek Ranch are some of the most coveted real estate in the “tax-friendly” and desirable state of Wyoming; especially near Sheridan along the Bighorn Mountain Foothills.

Pass Creek Ranch was a dude ranch until 1948. It has since been well preserved and remains an undiscovered sanctuary for abundant wildlife. While some of the log cabins were moved to other homes, the original lodge, dance hall and barn all still stand and are in good condition. It also offers a swimming pool for more domesticated enjoyment. An inspired owner could take this turnkey setup and create a fabulous guest ranch once again.

“We cannot take entire credit for the pleasure of your vacation at Pass Creek for Nature had a generous hand in fixing the setting for our ranch. She used the Big Horn Mountains for her backdrop, placed the foothills where their rolling reaches were most effective, then, in the foreground arranged a picture-like valley with cool sparkling creeks and rich-green fragrant pines…the result: truly one of the most beautiful spots in the west!” – Excerpt from 1940s brochure

Pass Creek Ranch will support a small year-round herd of cattle (80-110 AUs). Because it’s a mountain-front ranch, it lays claim to both large and small game; black bear, mountain lion, mule deer and many upland bird species. It is also home to a resident elk herd (Elk Hunt Area 38). This ranch is sure to impress any hunter or wildlife enthusiast. According to outfitters, this area has the best population of black bears and lions in the Bighorn Mountains.

Four generations have proudly stewarded this incredible property and are ready to pass this legacy on to the next discriminating buyer; someone who appreciates all its breathtaking beauty and realizes the bounty of priceless memories it is prepared to offer.

In addition to the deeded land, the ranch has a State land lease bordering the southern end of the ranch where it also joins the Bighorn National Forest and the beautiful mountains and canyons. This lease allows for 175 AUMs for additional grazing.

Don’t miss your chance to call Pass Creek Ranch home. It’s one of our finest offerings.


In recent years the ranch has been owned and enjoyed by an extended family, especially for reunions, weddings and large family gatherings where people enjoy each other in the peace and quiet of the wild end of the Bighorns. It’s a great place to unplug and get outside.

Wyoming Ranches for SaleIn earlier years however, Pass Creek Ranch was a dude ranch and hosted many people as they sought refuge from city life in the beauty on the Bighorn Mountain Foothills. With a large, rustic log lodge and also a dance hall across the creek, the improvements have seen some fun in their heyday.

“an invitation to you…to come to Wyoming and Pass Creek Ranch for the perfect vacation…”

The historic barns also tell a story of a simpler time in the West. Furthermore, the main lodge also has a swimming pool. Neighbors from miles around all have their fond memories from fun experiences at Pass Creek Ranch.

Ranch Operations

The ranch has a long history of being a working cattle ranch, even during the dude ranch era.The current owners use the ranch for cattle production and runs a small herd here. With the State of Wyoming lease, Pass Creek Ranch can comfortably carry 80-110 pairs year-round.

Hunting and Fishing

The hunting is excellent for many species on this mountain-front ranch for sale. The ranch has resident elk and is in Elk Hunt Area 38, which is limited draw and highly desirable. Furthermore, mule deer hunting is very good and the current outfitter claims this area has the biggest and most black bears in the Bighorn Mountains.

Fishing from the lake at the lodge is excellent, with many very large cutthroat, rainbow and brook trout. East Pass Creek has some fishing and with some management could become very good.

Outdoor Recreation

The outdoor recreation at Pass Creek Ranch is limited only by your imagination. There’s plenty of room for horseback riding, ATV adventures, hiking, or whatever your heart desires. Help yourself; you’ll immediately feel right at home here and everything will be right. With the Bighorn National Forest bordering the ranch and right out your back door, you can travel as far as you want and satisfy your adventuresome side in this incredible “back yard”.


Pass Creek Ranch has roughly 900 acres in a conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy to protect the unique foothills ecosystem in perpetuity. Rest assured that this amazing ranch remain tomorrow as it is today and as it was years ago. The wild ecosystem is waiting for you to enjoy it.

Broker’s Comments

Pass Creek Ranch is legendary along the foothills of the Bighorns. Just ask anyone who’s been here and they will tell you something amazing. Each time we visit Pass Creek Ranch, we discover something new and intriguing. This ranch is truly remarkable land in a great location. Since location is everything, consider that this ranch is not only located in the highly coveted Bighorn Mountain Foothills, but it also climbs up into the mountains; a rare combination. Moreover; the environment here is unique in that it almost seems like a temperate rainforest, which may be why the diversity of flora and fauna is so incredible. If you’ve been waiting for the consummate Bighorn Mountain Foothills ranch, you’ll want to look at Pass Creek Ranch. This ranch will nicely serve as a family compound, a corporate retreat, an outfitting base, a gathering place for friends, or even a guest ranch once again.

Pass Creek Ranch is located about halfway between Billings, MT and Casper, WY and just 39 miles, or about 45 minutes from downtown Sheridan, WY in the heart of the Bighorn Mountain foothills and in one of the most wild and untamed, yet comfortable and enjoyable natural settings still in America. This area radiates “Wyoming”. The Pass Creek watershed is headwaters of the great land “where the rivers run north” that has been so coveted for over 130 years of ranching and even prior to that when it was inhabited by the Plains Indians. The soils and the grasses have always provided excellent feed for the livestock and wildlife, but additionally, it’s the overall combination of water, soils and climate that has made this area such a great place to live. The charming community of Sheridan, WY has most amenities and conveniences, including jet service and a commercial airport as well as world-class golf, dining, medical facilities, first-rate schools (rated among the best in the nation) and shopping in Sheridan’s historic downtown. Furthermore, and more distinctly, Sheridan is home to the annual WYO Rodeo, world-class polo, Brinton Museum, Don King Days and many other uniquely “Sheridan” lifestyle events that are sure to please everyone. For further shopping and air service, one can find it in Billings, or Casper, each about two hours away. Furthermore, in the adjacent Bighorn Mountains, you’ll find all the outdoor recreation you can imagine.


From downtown Sheridan, WY, it’s a 45-minute drive and 39 miles via I-90, Parkman Highway and Pass Creek Road. This spectacular drive will give you a glimpse in to God’s handiwork along the Bighorn front. The drive to the Big Horn Equestrian Center and Flying H Polo facilities will be a bit longer, but probably about 70-80 minutes if pulling a trailer. Please contact broker for showing.


The climate at Pass Creek Ranch is very enjoyable. It will be wetter most of the year, providing good precipitation for the best grass in the region, plus it’s a little cooler in the summers. Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountain Foothills cool off quickly in summer for cool nights. The area is known for a little more snowpack in the winters, which also contributes to the overall health of the soil and environment. The climate around the Sheridan area is one of the most “live-able” climates in Wyoming with pleasant summers and moderate winters. Perhaps it’s the proximity to the 45th parallel along with the positioning next to the Big Horn Mountains and the lower altitude, but the Big Horn Mountain foothills have always been one of the most desirable places to live for those who have experienced it. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to argue that this area doesn’t have the greenest and most pleasant climates. For climate information, visit Sheridan’s Climate.

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